**Now Enrolling Participants in the Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative** 

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Recent News

Faculty Announced for 2016 Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative

To continue its work in the area of chronic pain, Samueli Institute has brought together a group of experts to lead the next collaborative.Learn more >>

Now Enrolling Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative

To adequately address chronic pain in today’s healthcare system, industry innovators must create a new patient-focused and interdisciplinary chronic pain care model that focuses on drugless therapies and self-care. Learn more >>

Surgery and the Placebo Effect

Study finds surgical solutions for chronic pain and obesity are not more effective than placebo. Read more >>

New Special Issue Explores the Science of Energy Medicine

“Biofield science and energy medicine offer great potential for a future of care that fosters health and wellbeing,” says Wayne B. Jonas, MD, President and CEO of Samueli Institute, a sponsor of the special issue. Read More >>

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