Resources for Your Healing Journey

You have within you the ability to heal. By making small changes in your daily life, you can increase your body’s ability to heal and foster healing in your community.

The resources gathered here can help you discover more about some of the important concepts introduced in Your Healing Journey. As you move forward in your path look for resources in your own community to participate in and learn more about these healthy activities.


A drugless approach to pain management

Additional acupuncture resources from Samueli Institute including:

Acupuncture in the Military and VA
Acupuncture and TBI Headache
Acupuncture and Trauma Spectrum Response
Acupuncture for PTSD: A Systematic Review

Healthy Eating 

Six tips to kickstart a healthy lifestyle at home.


Three techniques to better understand yourself and others.


A method to improve emotional well-being.  

Tai Chi

Balancing mental and physical health.

Additional resources from Samueli Institute:
“Smart Home” Tools Help Injured Warfighters
VIDEO: Smart Home Tools

Additional external resources online:
Harvard Medical School – Health Benefits of Tai Chi
Mayo Clinic – Tai Chi to Fight Stress
National Institutes of Health – Tai Chi, an Introduction

Note: Before beginning a new fitness regime, always talk to a medical professional

Download Optimal Healing Environments: Your Path to Health and Well-Being