With its main office near Washington, D.C., Samueli Institute has been involved in federal health care policy formulation and implementation since its inception. Samueli Institute staff provide input to Congress and testify at congressional hearings, and policy groups and federal agencies consult with the Institute on the role of integrative health care and healing-oriented practices and environments in the nation’s health care system.

Wellbeing in the Nation (WIN)

Wellbeing In the Nation (WIN) is a multi-sector strategy to stimulate community wellbeing and population health by aligning the economic and social drivers for health. Since its launch in 2008, WIN has fueled national and local investments that spread successful models of community wellbeing and population health, lowering costs and empowering patients to take charge of their own health. Learn more

Well Community Project (WCP)

The Well Community Project (WCP) is collaboration between Samueli Institute and Institute for Alternative Futures, with funding by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. WCP gathers community knowledge to develop a new approach to health promotion, wellness, and resilience to achieve wellness at the community level. The long-term objective is to redefine health and wellness by bringing together community leaders, health care professionals, and scientific researchers, to explore a more holistic approach to health creation that is better adapted to the needs of the modern individuals and communities.

In its collaboration with its partners, Samueli Institute is linking national health care policy with community efforts to address disparities in care for all Americans.


Samueli Institute CEO Wayne B. Jonas, MD, testifies to Veteran’s Affairs Committee, May 2013

Better Health Lower Cost: Summary Report

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