Partnering for Optimal Health

As industry experts on health creation and Optimal Healing Environments, Samueli Institute works with both civilian and military health care organizations to bring healing back into health care.

The Optimal Healing Environment framework is a holistic way to better serve patients and employees. 

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The Science of Sustainable Salutogenesis
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Optimizing Health and Well-being

Through our experts, educators and health care program evaluators, Samueli Institute supports health care systems that provide not only the highest level of acute care, but are also optimized to support and stimulate healing.  

Our experts can survey your institution and identify best practices and gaps in service. More importantly, the full assessment will provide you with an action plan for next steps on your journey to becoming an Optimal Healing Environment.  

Samueli Institute’s research over the past decade has shown that you can optimize health not just in a health care environment but also in community, workplace, and military settings, as well as for adults and children. Learn more about our work in these areas:

  • Education and Leadership Training: Samueli Institute offers personalized educational programs designed for your researchers, administrators, clinicians or care delivery staff. 
  • Optimal Healthy Workplaces: Health and wellness are essential not just after a health crisis but also from 9-5.
  • Chronic Pain Solutions: Read about our recent efforts in chronic pain solutions on the Samueli Institute blog. 
  • Well Community Project: What defines a well community and how can that be applied to restore healing, resilience and quality of life?
  • Your Healing Journey: A free e-book to explore the role of Optimal Healing Environments in your personal or professional quest for health and well-being.