Patients are seeking a more healing-oriented and coordinated system of health care that focuses on the individual as a whole. Samueli Institute is dedicated to supporting this approach and has established, through systematic research, the concept of an Optimal Healing Environment: where all aspects of the patient experience – physical, emotional, spiritual, behavioral and environmental – are optimized to support and stimulate healing.

OHE Framework 2013

The framework consists of four domains:

What is an Optimal Healing Environment?
For the past decade, Samueli Institute has worked to uncover how healing occurs among individuals, communities and health care systems. As a result, Samueli Institute developed the Optimal Healing Environments framework to show how the social, psychological, spiritual, physical and behavioral components of an organization can affect the inherent healing capacities of those within it. The framework was developed for, and has been successful in, hospital and health care systems.

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Additional Resources

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  • Hospitals Creating Optimal Healing Environments by S. Ananth. 2008-2011. Download
  • 2006 Survey of Healing Environments in Hospitals - a pilot survey of hospitals.Download