How can you transform from an organization that gives permission to be well
to an environment that truly creates health?

Samueli Institute's unique approach called the Optimal Healthy Workplace (OHW) framework provides an intentional and systematic way to understand and assess the work environment holistically in relationship to the critical elements of health and well-being.



Samueli Institute's Optimal Healthy Workplace Services 

- Education and Training

- Organizational Assessment

- Consulting Services

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Supporting Veterans in the workplace
  • Assessing gaps in healing environments
  • Using mind-body skills to enhance performance in the workplace

Training and Education for Personal and Professional Excellence
Samueli Institute’s researchers have worked for the past decade to enhance the performance of our nation’s military. Our subject matter experts are now engaged in sharing that knowledge with executives and thought leaders in the business world to build resilience and enhance performance. Samueli Institute can design custom workshops and trainings for your organization based on your needs and audience.