Overweight and obesity in military personnel: sociodemographic predictors

Journal Article

By: Marriott Smith, B. P.; Dotson, L.; Bathalon, G. P.; Funderburk, L.; White, A.; Hadden, L.; Young, A. J.
Publication Name: Obesity (Silver Spring)
Year: 2012

In the United States, nationally representative civilian studies have shown that BMI is associated with select sociodemographic characteristics. Active-duty military personnel are not included in these surveys and the persistence of these associations in military personnel is unknown. Data from the worldwide, representative 2002 and 2005 Department of Defense (DoD) Surveys of Health-Related Behaviors Among Active Duty Military Personnel were used to assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity and, the association of BMI with sociodemographic characteristics. The final response bases included 12,756 (2002) and 16,146 (2005) personnel. Results indicated that the combined prevalence of overweight and obesity in military personnel increased to an all-time high in 2005 (60.5%) with higher prevalence of obesity in 2005 compared to 2002 (12.9% vs. 8.7, respectively, P
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