Human performance optimization: an evolving charge to the Department of Defense

Journal Article

By: P; O'Connor Deuster, F; Henry, K; Martindale, V; Talbot, L; Wayne B Jonas; Friedl, K
Publication Name: Mil Med
Year: 2007

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences hosted a conference in June 2006 entitled ""Human Performance Optimization in the Department of Defense: Charting a Course for the Future"" with the goal of developing a strategic plan for human performance optimization (HPO) within the Department of Defense (DoD). The conference identified key issues: (1) advocating for HPO at all DoD levels, (2) defining HPO specific to DoD requirements, (3) developing valid and standardized metrics for HPO, (4) translating HPO research into the operational community, and (5) establishing effective communication and coordination across military services and within the medical, research and operational communities. The program objectives should enhance mental and physical resilience of the war fighter; accelerate recovery; reduce injury and illness; provide seamless knowledge transfer from laboratory to line; improve the human system contribution to mission success; and allow the U.S. to remain in the lead in this area.

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