Implicit and explicit emotional behavior and mindfulness

Journal Article

By: Harald Walach; S Sauer; Stefan Schmidt; Thilo Hinterberger; Horan, M.; Niko Kohls
Publication Name: Conscious Cogn
Year: 2011

The objective of this study was to examine whether the ""step back and watch"" attitude of mindfulness manifests in less emotional behavior. We hypothesized that the ""acceptance"" facet of mindfulness, but not the ""presence"" facet, is negatively associated with the magnitude of emotional behavior in four tests, i.e., (1) rating of words, (2) rating of aversive and neutral pictures, and (3) evaluative conditioning (EC). Additionally, we hypothesized that (4) the acceptance facet is associated with increased reaction time (RT) in an emotional Stroop test, and that the presence facet is associated with decreased RT and lower error rate. The sample consisted of N=247 non-clinical adults and was tested in a cross-sectional study. The results provide partial evidence that the acceptance facet of mindfulness may be associated with less aversive reactions towards aversive stimuli. Future studies should substantiate these findings but also determine their clinical relevance.

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