The Safety of Fish Oils for Those Whose Risk of Injury is High

By: Hamazaki T, Colleran H, Hamazaki K, Matsuoka Y, Itomura M, Hibbeln J
Publication Name: Military Medicine
Year: 2014

A diet rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) may decrease risk of cardiovascular disease by improving the blood lipid profile. The purpose of this review was to (1) determine if fish oil (omega-3) consumption increased the risk of hemorrhaging after a military injury and (2) whether an improvement in the omega-3 PUFA profile had an impact on survivability from military wounds. The authors found no evidence to contradict the existing U.S. Food and Drug Administration safety ruling that 3 g of omega-3 PUFA per day is generally regarded as safe. However, there is insufficient data with regard to the safety of consuming more than 3 g of omega-3 PUFA per day. More research is needed to safely recommend use of higher doses omega-3 PUFA.