Podcast features Dr. Kent Bradley, Former CMO for Safeway, Inc.

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- September  29, 2015

Dr. Kent Bradley, former Chief Medical Officer with Safeway, Inc., joined the corporate grocery chain with a passion for instilling long-term health initiatives for employees.

“I think increasingly that people value their health and companies need to align what they’re doing to meet them with what they value,” Bradley explained to Samueli Institute President and CEO Wayne Jonas, MD, in an interview for the Institute’s bi-weekly podcast on the future of healthcare. 

In a 30-minute interview with Jonas, Bradley examines the relationships between corporations and health and the initiatives that businesses are creating to promote the long-term health of their employees.

“What are the investments that are going in that support the people?” asks Bradley. “It’s everything from ensuring that we provide the resources necessary that makes healthy choices easy for them.”

The full interview is available as part of Samueli Institute’s bi-weekly podcast on health, On Human Flourishing. Each episode Dr. Wayne Jonas engages one-on-one with experts in health and medicine, including thought leaders in research, education, and clinical care as well as leaders in industry, military, government and public health.

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