Samueli Institute is advancing the science of healing worldwide by applying academic rigor to research on healing, well-being and resilience; translating evidence into action for the U.S. Military and large-scale health systems; and fostering wellness through self-care to create a flourishing society.

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Bill Novelli, former CEO of AARP, shares a unique perspective of aging and the concept of long-term well-being with Dr. Wayne Jonas in this episode of the podcast.LISTEN >>

From Worksite Wellness programs to a framework for flourishing

As workplace wellness has exploded into a $6 billion industry, the value of programs has become the topic of a much-needed and vigorous debate.Learn more >>

Samueli Institute Issues Special Report on Resilience: Stability Through Evolution

The October 2014 issue of the UK-based journal Interface Focus summarizes research findings stemming from Samueli Institute’s efforts to explore resilience from a diversity of disciplines and perspectives — a first for the field. Read more >>

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